Failings in Humanity.


Failure to found a science of sustainability.

Failure to focus on durability.

Failure to describe Heaven or the means of getting there.

Failure to ground morality on nobility.

Failure to establish a unified religious teaching.

Failure to create any stable communitarian structures.

Failure to perform a material balance on the whole world in its total time frame.

Failure to assess the mineral situation and its long-term consequences.

Failure to assign a limit to population.

Failure to provide housing and education for the poor.

Failure to engender an entertainment beyond violence.

Failure to portray any happy marriages, in entertainment.

Failure to rejoice at the joy of another who is outside the family.

Failure to find spiritual meaning from interactions with others.

Failure to respect the integrity of the body and dignity of others.

Failure to acknowledge spiritual authority in those who bear it.